The Perl Programm

The Perl Program, written by M. W. Wong, see M. W. Wong, »All About fsconcordance«, a tool for textual analysis by Meng Weng Wong, University of Pennsylvania 1995, [13. February 2006].

The original Michael Gamer’s page »All About fsconcordance« at the Department of English, University of Pennsylvania as retrieved on 13. February 2006 07:35:05 GMT does not exist on this site and following automatic generated hyperlinks in Intertextual Concordances have been updated by Zbynek Studenovsky on 27 Feb 2006: Meng Weng Wong (see also Wikipedia) and

The Perl code is now available in Humanist Discussion Group (2001), Vol. 15, No. 49.

Greek Transliteration

Greek Transliteration Table

Greek Transliteration Table for GNT, GNTM, LXX and LXXM used in Intertextual Concordances and Semantic Search:

Greek letters Unicode1 Symbol2 Transliteration
Alpha Α, α A, a A, a
Beta Β, β B, b B, b
Gamma Γ, γ G, g G, g
Delta Δ, δ D, d D, d
Epsilon Ε, ε E, e E, e
Zeta Ζ, ζ Z, z Z, z
Eta Η, η H, h H, h
Theta Θ, θ Q, q Q, q
Iota Ι, ι I, i I, i
Kappa Κ, κ K, k K, k
Lambda Λ, λ L, l L, l
Mu Μ, μ M, m M, m
Nu Ν, ν N, n N, n
Xi Ξ, ξ X, x X, x
Omicron Ο, ο O, o O, o
Pi Π, π P, p P, p
Rho Ρ, ρ R, r R, r
Sigma Σ, σ, ς S, s, V S, s, s
Tau Τ, τ T, t T, t
Upsilon Υ, υ U, u U, u
Phi Φ, φ F, f F, f
Chi Χ, χ C, c C, c
Psi Ψ, ψ Y, y Y, y
Omega Ω, ω W, w W, w

Greek Transliteration Online

You can use this form to convert the transliterated texts from GNT, GNTM, LXX and LXXM used in Intertextual Concordances and Semantic Search to Unicode (e.g. »arch« will be converted to »αρχη«).

  1. Unicode® Greek and Coptic (Character Code Chart PDF, range: 0370-03FF) and Greek Extended (Character Code Chart PDF, range: 1F00-1FF), URL:
  2. Monotype® Symbol font, URL: